Today I did a little research into different photographic styles that I like and perhaps would like to emulate at times.  There are many talented photographers and learning and gleaning a little bit of information from each person you run across can help mold your own style.  I am not sure if I have my own style or not yet in terms of studio, portrait, or still life photography.  I am beginning to think that I have a certain style when it comes to Hockey and sports photography though.

Looking at other peoples work today got me thinking about some of my own shots.  I don’t have too many up on the web for me to link to, but I will post a few various shots and discuss them.

Travis Wilcox getting some air on his snowmobile.

Shooting in snow is always a challenge.  Today’s cameras have built in light meters that measure snow as neutral grey.  If you don’t overexpose for the snow by about 1.5 stops, the beautiful white snow will come out looking a dull gray and ruining your shot.  Capturing action at the same time adds to the complexity.  I was fortunate enough to have brought along a Canon Rebel on this ride and captured some decent shots.

Wedding photography has is own sets of challenges.  This is one area where preparation is so critical.  If you goof up a wedding shoot, well, there is simply no recovering from a mistake like that.  I shot a wedding this past year with a friend of mine and I think things turned out very well.

People are very tough subjects to cover. When a good shot presents itself it seems so easy, but shots like these don’t come along very often and you better be ready.

Of course one of my passions is riding motorcycles and I always seem to carry a camera with me, I haven’t really snagged too many to die for shots.  There are a few shots that always keep me coming back for me.  One that I remember in particular was riding The Colors last fall with Travis and his brother Kevin. Everything was perfect, including the fall colors. This shot was taken with a consumer P&S camera and the results are pretty typical of what you would expect. I find myself in a dilemma when on these rides…do I pack my big camera and risk breaking or do I leave it at home and take the P&S and settle for less spectacular results?

Well, it is getting late and I just wanted to jot some notes down before going to bed.