So I set out this week to see if taking pictures and blogging with them is viable or even recommended from an iPhone. Last week I commented on a great app for the iPhone called Photogene and I have to say that this little application makes all the difference in the world.

Although the images straight out of the iPhone are usable, Photogene allows you to adjust and tweak the images so they have a much better value in terms of presentation and overall interest and appeal.


On the 14th of January, 2009 a remarkable hockey game took place. For the first time in CHL history, the Colorado Eagles hosted the All-Star Game and presented a brand new, unique format. This year, the Colorado Eagles challenged the league All-Stars to a dual. How can a regular team beat the best players in the league? Evidently teamwork and chemistry is better than raw talent.

The lighting in the Budweiser Events Center is quite good for shooting hockey. Most images were shot at ISO640, 1/640, f2.8.

Wow, has it really been that long since my last post?! Well, I have been really busy taking a lot of pictures and buying some new gear!

I have been doing quite a bit of Backcountry skiing and have managed to take my camera along on several occasions. When I get a chance, I will link some photos in to the site.

I have also began work on becoming a Mac convert. I have had so much pressure from the photo & video community to switch to Mac that I finally took the plunge. Overall, I must say it has been a pleasant experience. There is a lot to learn, but things have come up to speed quickly and easily so far.

I just have a few minutes here to get caught up on a few things, but there has been a lot going on in the photo and tech areas these days. First, and propably foremost is Canon began shipping the highly anticipated 5D MarkII. Early reports have been very favorable and it looks like this camera is going to be a real winner!

I like printing books of my major photoshoots and vacations. I like the idea of scrapbooking, but sitting down with pictures, scissors, and glue is not that appealing. I recently found an online company that combines the best of both technologies. The company is called Scrapblog and can be found at I am currently editing my first book so I can’t comment firsthand on the quality, but I have it from a good source that the quality is outstanding!

I was recently presented with the opportunity to shoot the CHL All-Star game and I am really honored. I have quite a bit of hockey related photography items to discuss, but I will save that for next time!

The iPhone has been out for quite sometime and has been a wonderful platform not only for phone usage but also for all other means of communication. Email, texting, and Internet browsing were great right from the start, however, the functionality really tapered off there. Then, several months ago, Apple allowed third party developers to create applications that they would distribute through the AppStore.

This decision alone suddenly transformed the iPhone from nifty gadget into a full-fledged, multi-platform, communication device. Applications sprung up from so many developers it was unreal. The first App that I downladed was from SmugMug, which is an online photo sharing website. Now the camera in the iPhone could share images with the world in an instant! I could launch SmugShot, snap a picture, tag the image, and upload it to my website in about one minute!

It was not long after the launch of the AppStore that the Facebook interface was released. This application allows users to continuously and instantly update their status on the social-networking website and also monitor and read the status of all of their friends. You can also very and comment on pictures and many other handy features are included on the Mobile App.

I recently started this blog and was amazed to see that WordPress had an iPhone App that allowed users to submit blogposts straight from the iPhone! I find this simply remarkable and only served to reinforce my notion that the iPhone is a true mobile communications tool!

I am inserting a token photo to show that imbedded images are also possible from the mobile blogging platform!

Well, we made it through another week. I had several photo shoots this week including a calendar shoot for a group of women trying to raise money for a scholarship program.  I will be reporting on this much later when things start developing. Then on my way to my son’s hockey game I ran across some Porsche Panamera’s working their way through the Rocky Mountains.  I snapped some ‘spy photos’ of the cars and submitted them to several car magazines.

20081101-_MG_5905 20081101-_MG_5913

There were six of these cars travelling in a pack to do some high altitude testing. The cars were pretty well disguised but still looked really sweet!

After the car spotting it was off to the hockey game! This game was going to be interesting since the prior weekend we lost one of players to a broken leg and subsequently we lost another player with 3 game misconducts…ooops!  We had a terribly short bench with a total of 7 skaters and 8 players total.


Lighting in the rink was not too bad. I was able to shoot at ISO800, 1/400 @ f2.8.  I could have grabbed a little more shutter speed, but both teams were skating fairly slowly so 1/400 wasn’t too bad.

A quick look at the levels shows that the light was not very nice at all.

11-7-2008 8-46-34 PM


I have been so busy this week that I really haven’t had a chance to go through all of my shots.

Something from UPS?

When I got home today I was fully expecting to greet the UPS guy at around 5pm which is his usual delivery time to my area. Evidently he had a very light load as he came by the house at 11:15am and left me one of those icky sticky notes telling me that I wasn’t going to get my lens today. Not to be denied, I called UPS and scheduled for the lens to be picked up at the delivery center. After a long drive over to the delivery center, I was rewarded with my new lens.  What a thing of beauty! The Canon 17-40L is everything I had hoped for. I will get out this weekend and take some shots with it.

Have a great weekend.

I have been watching the new MacBookPro release with great interest. I tuned into Apple’s big release announcement to see all the new features revealed.  I was instantly impressed with the new all metal chassis and the very high end graphics capability built into the laptop. New releases always come with certain bugs which is just the nature of new product introductions.  This new MacBookPro has been no different.  Some customers have experienced weak screen hinges causing the screen to close with the slightest bump.  Others have complained about the lack of a matte screen. I was concerned about the glossy screen as well, but after seeing the laptop in person I decided that the beautiful images that come from the glossy screen outweighed any negatives from increased glare.

I was waiting for the Photoshop guys to get a new MBP laptop and was waiting for their impression as they use the laptop in exactly the same manner as I have intended. Here is their review.

Here is an image of the new 15-inch MacBookPro, image courtesy of Apple.

After reading the Photoshop guy’s review of the MacBookPro I am no closer to making a decision on getting this new laptop yet. There is no harm in waiting, as it gives Apple time to address some of the initial concerns with this new laptop.

I did order up a lens that I have been lusting over for many years. The Canon 17-40/f4.0L.  This is not the fastest wide-angle lens that Canon offers, but it will work very well on both my 1D and 40D bodies. The reviews on this lens are outstanding and it will be a great addition to my gear bag.


I just got a phone call from UPS and the lens should be delivered tomorrow!!

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