Day 2

After securing a camp spot along the river in Lake City the night before, we wake to a beautiful morning along the river. Temps dropped to the mid 30s overnight and the air was clean and crisp when we woke up. We had apparently pitched out tent just off of a jogging trail and were awoken by early morning dog walkers!

As we broke camp and loaded up the bikes for the day’s ride, I give my bike a quick pre-flight inspection and notice that I have lost 3 out of my 6 sprocket bolts! And the three that I have left are LOOSE!! Of all the spares that we carry, we don’t have any sprocket bolts. We look at the option of ‘borrowing’ a bolt from Butta’s bike, but decide to roll into Lake City first to see what we can come up with.

Missing bolts…not good!

My tool bag is taking a beating as well!

There is an old school Service Station with a Polaris Dealership at the end of town so we pull in there hoping that they might having something that will work. We run into a good ole boy named Charlie that is the local mechanic and he is sure that he doesn’t have any ‘official’ sprocket bolts, but he does have a huge bucket-o-bolts that we can root through to see if we can find something that will match. While we are rooting through the bolts, Xplor and his crew roll into the same filling station. We recognize each other from previous MOAR rides and catch up for a while. He and his crew are heading over to Ouray for the day. We swap stories for a while and then they head off to have some great adventures of their own.

Lake City Auto & Sports Center

Back to the bucket-o-bolts we manage to find three hex bolts that will fit the holes on the sprocket. This is a bit of southern Engineering going on here, but at this point our goal is to make it to Durango and get to a real motorcycle shop. If you are ever in Lake City, be sure to stop in to Lake City Auto & Sports Center and say Hi to Charlie!!

Butta is putting all the bolts back…

Charlie really helped in a pinch! Thanks Charlie!

We peel out of Lake City and start chewing some miles off. We are both ready to ride. Ride Sally Ride!! Heading up the valley towards Engineer Pass I am instantly reminded of my happy childhood. How could I forget these mountains? How could I have possibly waited 20 years to ride in the San Juans? Up until this point I have been very happy with my little P&S Olympus Adventure Cam, but I am quickly running through scenarios in which I could have packed my Big Rig Canon and done a good job capturing the beauty that was surrounding us. Well, I didn’t bring the nice camera so the pictures I took are going to have to suffice. I need to plan about 5 days to play in the San Juans.

The Valley approaching Engineer Pass

More of the valley

Butta is wondering what is taking me so long…I am taking pictures! :duh

Token shot of me admiring the beauty!

Who doesn’t love a waterfall?

It was cool and windy at the summit

The 450s were working great at 12,800 feet!

I couldn’t get enough of these views…

What started out as a nice warm and clear run up the valley, quickly turned windy and VERY cold as we approached the summit of Engineer. We have lived in Colorado long enough to understand the weather patterns, but it still blows me away at how dramatic the temperature can change in 20 minutes. We stay long enough to grab a few pictures and boogie on down into Silverton.

The descent was equally beautiful

Fun switchbacks

More waterfalls…

We top off our tanks in Silverton and head on down 550 into Durango.

Nothing like 50 miles of slab to kill all the feeling in your arms, legs, and butt! First stop in Durango is at Handlebar Cycles in Bodo. Gary Wilkinson is in the shop today and quickly hooks us up with some sprocket bolts and an oil pan and funnel for a quick dump and fill on the oil. The guys at Handlebar were awesome and very accomodating to us. Loaned us tools and equipment and had plenty of ice cold water! Thanks guys!

We grab some lunch at Oscars and meet up with some old friends and turn around and run this trip in reverse!