After getting our bikes all situated at Handlebar Cycle in Durango and a quick burger at Oscars we were off again headed back to Silverton.

Have I mentioned how 50 miles of asphalt on a 450 doesn’t do the body good?

We pull into Silverton and top off our tanks, grab a few rations, and head back into God’s Country.

When we came over from Lake City we rode Engineer Pass. To keep things a bit different, we decided to take Cinnamon Pass back over to Lake City this time. Cinnamon Pass is not quite as rough as Engineer Pass and not quite as scenic, although we are splitting hairs here as pretty much everything in the San Juans are more majestic than most places on earth!

Looking back down over Animas Forks from Cinnamon Pass

Summit of Cinnamon Pass

Here is the descent off of Cinnamon Pass. This is a gorgeous descent so I figure I will stop at the top and get a picture of Butta as he gets down the road. One of those perspective type shots. Well, I miss getting a cool shot of Butta, can’t get my camera back into it’s holder and am getting pretty far behind. So what do I do?? Whiskey Throttle Time and play David Knight and try to catch up! Oh…and I am flying too! I jump off a nice rock lip and catch some seriously sweet air, land like a pro, and then tag a big rock with the side of my front tire…damn…did I pinch flat? Nope…I am good! Wait…I DID, I did pinch flat! CRAP!!

Butta is down at the first switchback when I start my chase

My spirited descent results in some tire repairs! We are reminded that sometimes “slower IS faster!”

It took us about 20-30 minutes to get the tube replaced and then another 20 minutes to talk to a kind hearted gentleman that wanted to send us off on some cool trails even after we told him we were in a hurry to get North of Lake City to find a good campsite. It is all good when you are out on trails like these!

I just don’t think I would ever get tired of looking at this

We roll back into Lake City with about an hour of daylight left. Quickly gas us and head up Slumgullion Pass on our way to Los Pinos for the night.

I should be back shortly to finish this little Adventure up…