A ride always starts somewhere, and mine started with Mark. He rolled up at my house at 11:30am. A well seasoned, large displacement, KTM rumbled up the street. Old by some standards, this particular machine is a bit of a rare bike, cleaner than a bike of this age should be, and slightly tempermental as all good KTMs are.

Finding my house with little difficulty, Mark ambled up the driveway and asked “are you ready for an Adventure?!” I suppose you always think you are going to have an adventure, but you never really know until you are right in the thick of it. But, I answered “Hell yea!” all the same.

We had decided to trailer down to Nederland to join up with the crew. Normally I would like to ride to the event, however, my front tire is so square that I thought it best to trailer on down. All my fillings are loose these days and my front wheel bearings show wear of a bike with twice the mileage. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the engineers in Austria who had the foresyth to put a 16lb bead lock on the front tire!

Eager to get riding, we departed the house well before any sane person needed. Even after some detours and massive road construction projects, we arrive at the rendezvous area well ahead of any others. Quickly unloading the bikes with great anticipation for the ride ahead of us.

Instead of waiting in the parking lot, we decide to looking for some roads to ride. Mark quickly suggests Caribou, and I say let’s do it!

Little did I know how prophetic this little ride would be. When we reached the top of the road I noticed that I had lost my toolbag. In the meantime, the new caretaker of the area stopped to talk to us and suggested that it was okay for us to ride on a closed trail, 505. Mark politely informed the rookie that riding on closed trails was strictly verboten! About 1/2 mile back down the trail I located my lost toolbag and quickly refastened it. Little did I know what was in store for my toolbag!

Back down in the parking lot, a crowd started to gather.

Mountain Eagle enjoying a hoagie.

Dave and Mouse are amused by my tall tales!

We finally make it to the trailhead.

…more in a bit.