Saturday morning found us at the base of Buffalo Mountain just outside of Steamboat Springs. It has been an almost weekly ritual for us, at least as much as our schedules will allow.

This particular Saturday found us with a couple of inches of new snow and a lot of sunshine! With two doctors, a lawyer, and an engineer, you would think that somebody would have brought some sunscreen. We weren’t so fortunate. As the day went by, all of our faces to pretty red.

I was especially excited for this ski day because Braiden was finally done with hockey and was able to ski with us.

Braiden’s first run was pretty grim. He hadn’t been on skis in over a year and a half so to say he was a bit rusty was an understatement. After a couple of runs and some instruction from Bill, Braiden was making some nice turns and really enjoying backcountry, powder skiing.

Here is a video that I put together of our day on the slopes.