The iPhone has been out for quite sometime and has been a wonderful platform not only for phone usage but also for all other means of communication. Email, texting, and Internet browsing were great right from the start, however, the functionality really tapered off there. Then, several months ago, Apple allowed third party developers to create applications that they would distribute through the AppStore.

This decision alone suddenly transformed the iPhone from nifty gadget into a full-fledged, multi-platform, communication device. Applications sprung up from so many developers it was unreal. The first App that I downladed was from SmugMug, which is an online photo sharing website. Now the camera in the iPhone could share images with the world in an instant! I could launch SmugShot, snap a picture, tag the image, and upload it to my website in about one minute!

It was not long after the launch of the AppStore that the Facebook interface was released. This application allows users to continuously and instantly update their status on the social-networking website and also monitor and read the status of all of their friends. You can also very and comment on pictures and many other handy features are included on the Mobile App.

I recently started this blog and was amazed to see that WordPress had an iPhone App that allowed users to submit blogposts straight from the iPhone! I find this simply remarkable and only served to reinforce my notion that the iPhone is a true mobile communications tool!

I am inserting a token photo to show that imbedded images are also possible from the mobile blogging platform!