Well, we made it through another week. I had several photo shoots this week including a calendar shoot for a group of women trying to raise money for a scholarship program.  I will be reporting on this much later when things start developing. Then on my way to my son’s hockey game I ran across some Porsche Panamera’s working their way through the Rocky Mountains.  I snapped some ‘spy photos’ of the cars and submitted them to several car magazines.

20081101-_MG_5905 20081101-_MG_5913

There were six of these cars travelling in a pack to do some high altitude testing. The cars were pretty well disguised but still looked really sweet!

After the car spotting it was off to the hockey game! This game was going to be interesting since the prior weekend we lost one of players to a broken leg and subsequently we lost another player with 3 game misconducts…ooops!  We had a terribly short bench with a total of 7 skaters and 8 players total.


Lighting in the rink was not too bad. I was able to shoot at ISO800, 1/400 @ f2.8.  I could have grabbed a little more shutter speed, but both teams were skating fairly slowly so 1/400 wasn’t too bad.

A quick look at the levels shows that the light was not very nice at all.

11-7-2008 8-46-34 PM


I have been so busy this week that I really haven’t had a chance to go through all of my shots.

Something from UPS?

When I got home today I was fully expecting to greet the UPS guy at around 5pm which is his usual delivery time to my area. Evidently he had a very light load as he came by the house at 11:15am and left me one of those icky sticky notes telling me that I wasn’t going to get my lens today. Not to be denied, I called UPS and scheduled for the lens to be picked up at the delivery center. After a long drive over to the delivery center, I was rewarded with my new lens.  What a thing of beauty! The Canon 17-40L is everything I had hoped for. I will get out this weekend and take some shots with it.

Have a great weekend.