I have been watching the new MacBookPro release with great interest. I tuned into Apple’s big release announcement to see all the new features revealed.  I was instantly impressed with the new all metal chassis and the very high end graphics capability built into the laptop. New releases always come with certain bugs which is just the nature of new product introductions.  This new MacBookPro has been no different.  Some customers have experienced weak screen hinges causing the screen to close with the slightest bump.  Others have complained about the lack of a matte screen. I was concerned about the glossy screen as well, but after seeing the laptop in person I decided that the beautiful images that come from the glossy screen outweighed any negatives from increased glare.

I was waiting for the Photoshop guys to get a new MBP laptop and was waiting for their impression as they use the laptop in exactly the same manner as I have intended. Here is their review.

Here is an image of the new 15-inch MacBookPro, image courtesy of Apple.

After reading the Photoshop guy’s review of the MacBookPro I am no closer to making a decision on getting this new laptop yet. There is no harm in waiting, as it gives Apple time to address some of the initial concerns with this new laptop.

I did order up a lens that I have been lusting over for many years. The Canon 17-40/f4.0L.  This is not the fastest wide-angle lens that Canon offers, but it will work very well on both my 1D and 40D bodies. The reviews on this lens are outstanding and it will be a great addition to my gear bag.


I just got a phone call from UPS and the lens should be delivered tomorrow!!